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Overclocked: The Aclockalypse | Unity
2.5D Bullet Hell - Producer, Timewind LLC (Team of 17)
Overclocked: The Aclockalypse is a roguelite bullet hell where the player can manipulate time. We made Overclocked following agile methodologies over the course of eight months, and as producer I learned how to find and resolve problems in the development pipeline and how to modify our long-term product backlog based on the results of each individual sprint. It was up to me to determine which features were highest priority each sprint and which features we would ultimately have to cut due to time. Keeping the team motivated during the entire period was a challenge, but incredibly rewarding for all of us come publication day.

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Lyre | Unity
3D Puzzle/Explorer - Producer/Designer, Team of 7
Lyre is a 3D Puzzle Game where the player has control over what aspects of reality they can see. Lyre was created over the course of 48 hours for Global Game Jam and posed a particular production challenge because with such a tight schedule puzzle design became a potential cause of pipeline bottleneck. Balancing that puzzle design on top of other production goals was difficult, but immensely satisfying when the final project came together.

Game of the Jam (EAE Global Game Jam Site 2017)


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On The Darkening Green | Ren'Py
Visual Novel - Producer/Engineer, Team of 5

On the Darkening Green is a dark fairy tale written and created for Utah Indie Game Jam 2017. It posed a particular challenge in that it was a branching narrative being simultaneously written by three people in a 48 hour time frame. As producer it was my job to coordinate the writers to ensure that each piece of the story was written and that all the pieces fit together smoothly, all while managing development deadlines and prioritizing written/visual assets in the product backlog.

Best Narrative (Utah Indie Game Jam 2017)

Best Visuals (Utah Indie Game Jam 2017)

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Trigger Finger | Unreal
3D Twin Stick Shooter - Producer/Engineer, Team of 14

Trigger Finger is a Twin Stick Shooter set in a zombie apocalypse. It taught me a lot about helping Engineers integrate into an engine they're unfamiliar with, as only one Engineer on the team had worked with the Unreal Engine before. For many of our artists it was also their first experience developing a game as a team and with strict deadlines so I learned how to create a backlog of tasks geared towards an inexperienced team in a way that keeps them motivated while still moving the final project towards publication deadlines.

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